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That chair thing

This is Chemjobber’s fault.

And Carmen Drahl’s and UnstableIsotope’s too. See, Carmen is collecting hand drawn propofol structures over at her blog. (I didn’t draw those yet, but I might.) But then UnstableIsotope said we should do chair conformation too, and I can’t resist a good chair conformation. And then Chemjobber put his up on his blog so then I was really spurred to action. Here’s mine. (And yes, it was the first try.)

Forgive the different C-H bond lengths there. I’m at the public library, and all I could find to write with was one of those tiny library/golf pencils that don’t have erasers. This one almost didn’t have a point. I guess I need to refill my bag with writing implements.

I other news, I’m slowly recovering from defending my thesis earlier this month. I’m working as a full-time freelance science writer now. And I hope to get back to blogging as soon as I can get some kind of reliable internet access installed at my house. That’s why I’m at the public library, by the way. The wireless keeps going in and out and there’s a really old guy who keeps hacking into a handkerchief right next to me. It’s awesome. I guess I should be glad that he at least is using a handkerchief.

Anyway, revel in my lovely chair confirmation. And I hope to be back soon.

So much to love

So Chemjobber, the reigning potentate of goofy lists, sent out an edict yesterday to hear other people’s favorite things in chemistry. Here are some of mine:

Tetraphenylporphyrin crystals! Although honestly, I’ve never made batch this small.

  1. The lovely purple sparkliness of tetraphenylporphyrin
  2. Bantam ware
  3. Using that three-neck 3L flask that looks like a giant glass udder
  4. Running columns that would match the decor at a six year old girl’s birthday party (ie, fractions that are pink, purple, and orange)
  5. Beer at group meetings
  6. Short group meetings
  7. When my husband picks me up so I don’t have to drive home from group meetings
  8. Clean separation of compounds on only one prep TLC
  9. Beautiful, clean 2-D NMR spectra
  10. Fresh bottles of tetrakis(triphenylphosphine)palladium (0)

Although, I think my most favorite thing about chemistry is having a finished thesis. Oh wait! Hang on! I don’t have that! I must be hallucinating again. Repeated banging one’s head on the wall will do that, I guess.

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