Back door to HeLa review finally up

People without a subscription to Science can see my review of Rebecca Skloot’s The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks for free now. Go to myClips page and click on the first link. Should work.

Generally, Science is very nice and gives a free back door to the author so they can tell all their friends and they can go read with lots of happiness and flowers and no monies. The review was published back in February. It took this long to get the free link up just because I am an idiot, and only realized this morning that I had sent the request to the wrong person. Is all fixed now.

For all of you dying to read the review, yet not willing to shell out the dollars, I apologize.

ETA: I guess it’s NOT working after all. I’m trying to fix it, so sit tight.
ETA2: Science insists there’s nothing wrong on their end. So…yeah. Don’t really know what to say there.


2 responses to “Back door to HeLa review finally up

  • Kristen Kirk

    The link I’m getting when I click on “Clips page” and then the first link says you need to have a subscription to read your review. Maybe I’m not seeing something else?

  • Grandma Carol

    I’m not getting it either (without paying or subscribing)

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